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What are the precautions for induction heating furnaces?

What are the precautions for induction heating furnaces?

1. Scrap iron is in a humid and watery environment for a long time. It is recommended to dry, air dry, heat and evaporate the wet iron before smelting. If the wet iron is directly smelted, it contains Moisture is at risk of bursting, and everyone should pay attention to this when recycling.

Induction furnace smelting, the temperature of molten iron can be raised to above 1570℃, and it can be kept at high temperature for a long time. The inclusions float to the surface of the molten iron. For scrap steel + recarburizer, especially particle steel + scrap steel + recarburizer + return charge, whether these charge materials are scrap steel, particle steel or particle iron, most of them are white microstructures, and white microstructures have strong heredity. To eliminate heredity, it is necessary to appropriately increase the melting temperature and increase the holding time, so as to purify the molten iron and reduce casting defects.

2. If there are wet and cold raw materials in the waste, it will also cause metal materials to splash around.

3. Temperature measurement and sampling or lack of practical operation methods when adding metal material raw materials will cause the metal material liquid to splash around;

4. Large metal materials are invested in the furnace, causing molten iron to splash out;

5. It is not easy to cause railway bridges to be effectively fed;

6. When inquiring about the smelting of metal materials, there should be a distance to prevent sudden situations.