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How to build refractory bricks for rotary kiln?

How to build refractory bricks for rotary kiln?

The experience and recommendations are:

Refractory bricks for rotary kiln can be built by ring or staggered masonry. The masonry method commonly used at present is the ring masonry method.

The advantage of the ring-laying method is that each independent brick ring is built tightly and can exist independently and firmly. This is not only conducive to construction and inspection, but also conducive to demolition and maintenance. It is particularly beneficial for brick linings used in places where bricks are often replaced.

The advantage of the staggered masonry method is that the bricks are interlaced and combined with each other, which can effectively reduce the trouble of frequent brick dropping in small kilns where the kiln body is not regular enough. However, this method is inconvenient for masonry and maintenance. At present, the regularity of domestic refractory bricks is not good enough, and the quality of brick linings built by this method is difficult to guarantee. Therefore, only a few kilns use the staggered masonry method.