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What are the economics of induction melting furnace systems?


What are the economics of induction melting furnace systems?

The economics of the induction melting furnace system-the relationship between the higher one-time investment paid for selecting the advanced electric furnace system and the lower daily operation, maintenance costs and productivity increase of the system should be comprehensively and reasonably evaluated. This relationship can be evaluated from the following aspects:

a) Evaluate the payback period of the investment difference based on the annual operating cost savings of the electric furnace calculated due to advanced melting unit consumption indicators;

b) Evaluate the overall economic benefits based on the performance of advanced electric furnace systems, such as the increase in furnace productivity under the same power configuration caused by the higher power/operation utilization factor of the power sharing system;

c) Comprehensive assessment of investment from two aspects: the cost reduction in daily maintenance of the advanced and safe electric furnace system and the increase in the service life of the equipment;

d) Evaluate its economy from the use of devices with advanced functions, such as automatic lining oven control systems and hammer-type pneumatic furnace building machines, which increase the lining life and reduce operating costs.