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Process description of flue gas dust collector for induction heating furnace

Process description of flue gas dust collector for induction heating furnace

1. Source control? Source control is to capture, collect, and purify directly at the point of occurrence of casting fume and dust, with low investment and good purification effect. In order to avoid mutual contamination between various ministries, it is necessary to manage all production processes that generate dust and exhaust gas. For example, the sand mixing process, cupola smelting process, mechanical vibration shaking sand process and artificial sand cleaning process, which are prone to dust, should adopt strict dust-proof and dust-removing measures. For the old sand recovery, regeneration and transportation process and equipment in the production process, the unpacking, sand removal, shot blasting casting finishing process and equipment, and the transportation, collection process and equipment for raw materials and waste sand, etc., should be equipped with appropriate equipment. Dust and dust removal methods.

2. The entire dust removal system for all stages of the foundry workshop Provides a complete set of dust and fume extraction treatment plans for all stages of the foundry process to ensure safe, clean and efficient production. Circulating foundry sand filters combustion exhaust gas, dust, particles, solvents, explosives, oil mist cleaning ? Exhaust fumes from the furnace ? Harmful fumes will occur in the smelting furnace. Extraction and filtration are required to ensure efficient production, protect workers from hazardous substances, and comply with legal emission levels.

Induction heating furnace is one of the most important equipment in the exercise industry. A lot of smoke will be generated during exercise, feeding, and water discharge. During the exercise, the flue gas generated is relatively serious, and the smoke and dust are released in the atmosphere, seriously polluting the environment and affecting human health. From the point of view of the induction heating furnace training process, the induction heating furnace dust collector adopts umbrella-shaped rotating hood and low-position mobile dust hood + feeding equipment + tapping equipment + Longtai dust removal equipment, which can be used for the whole process of induction heating furnace training. Efficient capture of flue gas.