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How to maintain the induction heating furnace?

How to maintain the induction heating furnace?

1. Regularly check the induction heating furnace

Regularly check all contactors, capacitors, inductors, thyristors, transistors, IGBTs, STT, MOS, transformers, main circuits, and function board wiring for looseness, poor contact, or ablation. If there is looseness or poor contact, Modify and replace in time, and can’t use it reluctantly to avoid major accidents.

2. Regularly check whether the wiring of the load is intact:

When you use the induction heating furnace, you should check the contact of the induction coil regularly to avoid loose contact and affect the use.

3. Regularly inspect the waterway of the induction heating furnace

The water circuit should be checked regularly to check the scale and flow conditions of the cooling water circuit. We check the scale regularly to prevent excessive scale from blocking the waterway and affecting the use of the equipment. At the same time, the water pipes need to be inspected to see if the water pipes are aging. Once they are aging, we need to replace them in time.