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What are the characteristics of refractory bricks?

What are the characteristics of refractory bricks?

Refractory bricks are now used as raw materials in many construction projects. Because of its outstanding performance, it can help many special industries to work at high temperatures. Refractory bricks are now one of the raw materials introduced in many fields and industries. Simply put, as a high-temperature resistant raw material, refractory bricks can work at temperatures ranging from 1,580°C to 1,770°C. Many factories use such bricks to build smelting furnaces. As more and more businesses have a large demand for refractory bricks, under this trend, the shape and size of refractory bricks have been diversified. In addition, the refractory bricks on the market now have a variety of different properties. Let’s take a brief look at the characteristics of refractory bricks together:


1. Load softening temperature. As a key parameter index of refractory bricks, this characteristic can be said to directly determine the high temperature resistance and endurance.

2. Chemical composition. For this characteristic of refractory bricks, it is mainly used to determine the overall nature of the material and the relative quality.

3. Thermal shock resistance. This feature is mainly to help refractory bricks not be damaged or damaged when the temperature rises and changes sharply.

Fourth, volume density. For the bulk density of refractory bricks, usually the higher the unit density, the higher the density of the refractory brick and the better its strength. In addition, for the bulk density of refractory bricks, the relevant manufacturers must strictly require the overall visible pores of the product.

5. Compressive and flexural strength. Refractory bricks not only have to withstand normal temperature during operation, but also need to face some shear pressure frequently. At this time, both the flexural and compressive strengths need to be very high.

The above related information is our summary of the characteristics of refractory bricks. I hope it can help you understand the advantages and characteristics of refractory bricks more deeply, so that you can choose the right products for you.