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Methods to strengthen the operation management of screw chillers

Methods to strengthen the operation management of screw chillers

1. Collect relevant technical data, such as construction drawings, user manuals provided by manufacturers, operation and maintenance manuals, etc. to establish complete technical data files, and at the same time pay attention to the establishment and preservation of screw chiller maintenance and maintenance files during the operation and management process.

2. Establish and improve rules and regulations and operating procedures, and clarify the responsibilities and responsibilities of management personnel; operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures to prevent illegal operations and avoid safety accidents.

3. Establish a complete and effective inspection and inspection system and completely record various parameters and operating status of the unit operation, and eliminate production failures and existing hidden dangers in a timely manner.

4. Train managers and operators to be familiar with the structure and principle of screw chillers, understand the structure and component performance of each equipment, as well as refrigeration systems, electrical control systems and water systems; enable relevant personnel to continuously learn and update related technologies knowledge.

5. Equipped with corresponding maintenance tools and safety protection equipment.