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Uses of fiberglass rods

Uses of fiberglass rods

1. The extremely low price of glass fiber composite materials with good mechanical properties and high cost performance make glass fiber composite materials widely popularized and applied in the construction industry.

2. The glass fiber composite bars can directly replace the steel bars in the traditional concrete structure, and achieve the effect of improving the structure’s resistance to salt spray and seawater corrosion.

3. Glass fiber reinforcement has poor alkali resistance and fatigue resistance, which limits its application.

4. Due to the high pH value of the pore water in the concrete structure, it presents an alkaline environment, so that the composite reinforcement bars in the concrete structure work in an alkaline environment for many years.

  1. After the structure is no longer under the action of cyclic loading, the coupling effect of the fatigue load of the alkaline environment is very unfavorable for the individual glass fiber composite bars, but some kind of high corrosion resistance and long life glass fiber rods are required.