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What are the advantages of refractory bricks?

What are the advantages of refractory bricks

Breathable bricks for intermediate frequency furnaces have been recognized and accepted by people. Refractory bricks can be said to be widely used. The reason why refractory bricks are accepted and widely used is inseparable from the advantages of refractory bricks. So what are the advantages of refractory bricks compared with other ordinary bricks?

First, fire-resistant

The biggest advantage of refractory bricks, hence its name, is fire resistance. It is a very good refractory material. Among many refractory materials, the quality of refractory bricks can be said to be the best. Refractory bricks not only have high-efficiency refractory quality, Its abrasion resistance is also very large.

Second, good thermal conductivity

Thermal conductivity is another major advantage of refractory bricks. Its heat conduction speed is closely related to the pores on the refractory brick. Large pores will conduct heat faster, and small pores will slow the heat conduction speed.

Third, long life

The service life of refractory bricks is relatively long, in other words, refractory bricks have great impact resistance.

Fourth, strong corrosion resistance

Castables and refractory bricks have strong corrosion resistance and are not easily damaged, which means that refractory bricks have strong slag resistance.