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Key points of correct operation of lifting furnace

Key points of correct operation of lifting furnace

Any mechanical equipment has its own set of operating methods and essentials. The same is true for the lifting furnace. If you want to use it well, you must first understand its basic knowledge and operating methods. So, what are the essentials of its operation? Next, the staff of Luoyang Huarong Furnace Co., Ltd. will come and talk to you briefly!

1. When operating the lifting furnace, be careful not to let it exceed the limit temperature.

2. When placing the experimental workpiece on the lifting platform of the lifting furnace, be careful not to place it too high or too close to the side to prevent touching the heating element.

3. Add oil or lubricant to the lifting platform at regular intervals to prevent rust and jam.

4. When the lifting furnace is not in use, the lifting platform should be lifted up and closed tightly to prevent the furnace from being damp.

5. After the experiment or production is completed with the lifting furnace, the lifting platform must not be lowered until the furnace temperature drops to prevent the furnace refractory from cracking due to excessive furnace temperature and rapid cooling.

At present, high-temperature lifting furnaces are more intelligent, and can realize one-key heating and cooling, which is very convenient to operate. As long as you master the above operation essentials, you can easily operate it.