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Wall lining material for casting special electric melting furnace

Wall lining material for casting special electric melting furnace

technical parameter

Equipment: Medium frequency electric furnace material

Density: 2.1g/cm3

Endurance temperature: 1780℃

AL2O3: ≤0.1%

Na2O+K2O: ≤0.01%

Construction method: dry vibration or ramming

Product name: Electric melting furnace lining material

Quality: Fused Quartz Hybrid

Expansion coefficient: 0.6×10-6/℃

SiO2: ≥ 99.5%

Fe2O3: ≤0.03%

Packing specification: 25kg/bag

The material is fused quartz as the matrix, and the microcrystalline quartz as the carrier is mixed by embedding technology, and a variety of imported refractory micropowders such as high temperature agent, bonding agent, and bonding agent are added, and an appropriate amount of mineralization is designed according to specific particles, according to 4:1:1 The concept is balanced and mixed. Compared with ordinary furnace lining materials, the material has improved physical properties, chemical properties, and physical and chemical indicators. The material can be compatible with large and small medium frequency electric furnace casting operations such as steel, iron, copper, aluminum, alloy, etc., especially for steel casting, successfully getting rid of the embarrassing dilemma of neutrality, high saltiness, high cost, difficult furnace maintenance, and poor effect.

The material has high silicon content, high density, extremely small expansion coefficient, good stability, long service life, good thermal shock resistance, slag resistance, leakage resistance, impact resistance, thermal conductivity, load softening temperature, Many features such as easy sintering. Due to the high strength and slow shrinkage change of fused quartz, the small volume change makes the loss of the furnace lining extremely slow. The material has good electrical insulation, ensuring production safety, no cracks in the cold furnace, suitable for intermittent production in most foundry industries