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What are the effects of inspection and maintenance on industrial chillers?

What are the effects of inspection and maintenance on industrial chillers?

Inspection and maintenance are very important for industrial chillers. Let’s go straight to the topic and talk about several benefits of inspection and maintenance for industrial chillers:

1. Regular inspection and maintenance of industrial chillers can detect problems in advance and avoid excessive wear and tear of components. Severe wear of components may cause the machine to stop. For example, the rotor, bearings, pistons of screw compressors are worn to a certain extent. Regular inspections are helpful to discover problems in time and deal with them in time. Once the inspection interval is too long or there is no regular maintenance, industrial chillers The compressor may not be repaired and scrapped directly.

2. Regular inspection and maintenance-the fan system or water cooling system can ensure the heat dissipation performance of the industrial chiller itself and the normal operation of the industrial chiller.

3. For refrigerant, regular inspection and maintenance of the machine can detect leakage and lack of refrigerant in time. After the leakage is determined, the leakage point should be found in time to repair or replace the valve. If the refrigerant is found to be missing, it should be refilled in time. So as not to affect the normal cooling effect of industrial chillers.

4. Regularly inspect and maintain industrial water chillers, and find problems such as pipeline blockages, foreign objects, impurities, etc., and make cleaning and cleaning work for heat dissipation water pipes, cooling water towers, and cooling water filling work for cooling water towers, so as to facilitate the industry Long-term and stable operation of the chiller.

5. The circuit system of the industrial water chiller also needs to be inspected and maintained, and the problem should be solved as soon as the problem is found, otherwise it will cause greater problems.