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How to calculate the price of refractory bricks?

How to calculate the price of refractory bricks?

The adhesion of refractory bricks is related to many factors. There are many types of refractory bricks. To clarify the raw materials, the key is clay, high alumina, zirconium corundum, corundum, etc. The selection of such raw materials should be based on their own industrial furnaces. There are many criteria for selecting the natural environment, such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.; the tensile strength of refractory bricks at room temperature and high temperature is critical to cause certain working pressure in a closed or closed office environment. This working pressure mainly includes welding stress and smoke and dust impact force, which will cause certain damage to the brick body of the refractory brick.

The relative bulk density of refractory bricks is also very important. The lower the porosity, the higher the impact resistance. The higher the compressive strength, the higher the flexibility and temperature load of the refractory insulation material. The heat or slag caused by high temperature cannot easily penetrate into the hole wall and destroy the interior of the refractory brick. In general, to master the stickiness of refractory bricks, it is necessary to select refractory bricks at these levels.

(1) The raw material of refractory bricks is aluminum oxide with water content.

(2) The characteristics of refractory bricks. That is to choose the acid resistance and alkali resistance work ability according to the kiln body structure.

(3) Compressive strength of refractory bricks. Tensile strength at room temperature and high temperature.

(4) The volumetric relative density of refractory bricks. Naturally, under the stated standards, the stickiness of refractory bricks is not clear, and you must understand the size of refractory bricks. Refractory bricks have common specifications and special-shaped specifications. For example, the common clay bricks and high-alumina refractory bricks are 230*114*65mm, and the common axe bricks are 230*114*65/55mm. Bricks, also known as irregular refractory bricks, are quite different in inclination, concave shape and concave shape. It is a numerical value. The net weight of the refractory brick is equivalent to the volume multiplied by the specification.


The stickiness of refractory bricks is related to quality. It can be said that they are closely related. It’s actually not very difficult. When you buy a batch of refractory bricks, if the stickiness is very low, don’t you worry about the lack of quality? Is the quality of refractory bricks good?

No matter what kind of manufacturing company’s products often cost, the same is true for refractory bricks. Just like small cars, some are well-known, some are quality, and some are sticky. Therefore, there is no need to combine this product with high-quality products without quality assurance. In comparison, this is due to the same refractory bricks, but not the same refractory bricks made by different manufacturers.