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Mica tube cushion

Mica tube cushion

1. Product introduction of mica tube cushion

Mica tube gaskets are rectangular or special-shaped mica parts made from thick slices of mica by dividing, sizing, cutting or punching, and are suitable for high-voltage insulation and thermal resistance skeletons of motors and other electrical products. Insulation molded parts are also called mica sheets and mica pads are washers, gaskets and backing plates made of hard plate-shaped insulating materials. Under normal conditions, it has good mechanical strength and electrical properties and high temperature resistance.

Using mica pipe sleeve cushion as the base material, various processing methods such as rolling, punching, turning, drilling, grinding, milling, and model pressing are adopted. According to customer requirements, the mica board can be processed into various sizes of mica boxes, mica pads, mica round pads, mica flanges, mica tiles, mica boxes, mica clamps, mica cushion sets, various sizes of mica boards, mica boards Mica special-shaped parts of various specifications such as slotting, drilling, angle, trough, I-shape, etc. It has good mechanical strength and electrical performance under normal conditions.

2. Technical requirements for mica pipe gaskets

The mica pipe sleeve gasket is suitable for high temperature insulation of various industrial frequency furnaces, intermediate frequency furnaces, electric arc furnaces in steel, metallurgy and other industries, and gasket insulation of various electrical appliances, electric welders, lightning arresters, electric heating elements, etc. The quality assurance is reasonable and the price is reasonable!

The shape, size, and thickness of the mica pipe sleeve cushion shall be determined by the drawings provided by the user and negotiated by both parties.

The product specifications of mica pipe sleeve cushions can be customized according to customer requirements.

3. Product performance

Serial number Index item unit HP-5 HP-8 Detection method
1 Mica content % ca.92 ca.92 IEC 371-2
2 Adhesive content % ca.8 ca.8 IEC 371-2
3 density g/cm2 1.8-2.45 1.8-2.45 IEC 371-2
4 Temperature resistance grade
Under continuous use environment °C 500 850
Intermittent use environment °C 850 1050
5 Thermal weight loss at 500℃ % <1 <1 IEC 371-2
Thermal weight loss at 700℃ % <2 <2 IEC 371-2
6 Bending strength N/mm2 >200 >200 GB/T5019
7 Water absorption % <1 <1 GB/T5019
8 Electric strength KV/m >30 >35 IEC 243
9 Insulation resistance at 23℃ Ω.cm 1017 1017 IEC93
Insulation resistance at 500℃ Ω.cm 1012 1012 IEC93
10 fire-resistant level 94V0 94V0 UL94
11 Smoke test s <4 <4