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What is the cause of the aging of SMC insulation board?

What is the cause of the aging of SMC insulation board?

1. Insulating plates are subject to various mechanical stress effects on many occasions, such as constant, oscillating, and thermal expansion and contraction cycles. These stresses can cause creep damage or fatigue damage.

2. Insulating boards used outdoors are irradiated directly by sunlight, and they will also age under the effect of ultraviolet rays.

3. The radiation effects in nuclear reactors and X-ray equipment will cause aging.

4. Moisture will increase the conductance and increase the loss.

5. Water can also dissolve many substances and accelerate various chemical reactions that lead to aging.

6. Acid, ozone, etc. can also cause chemical aging. Regarding certain insulating boards, such as polyethylene, tree branches can occur at very low electric field strength due to the presence of moisture (see solid dielectric breakdown).

  1. In addition, in the temperate and tropical regions, it will be harmed by various microorganisms, the so-called microbial aging.