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Introduction to box-type resistance furnace structure and operation safety

Introduction to box-type resistance furnace structure and operation safety

1. Remove the iron filings in the furnace and clean the bottom of the furnace to prevent the iron filings from falling on the resistance wire and causing short circuit damage.

2. The workpiece into the box-type resistance furnace should not exceed the maximum load of the furnace floor. When loading and unloading the workpiece, ensure that the power supply is disconnected.

3. Pay attention to check the installation position of the thermocouple. After the thermocouple is inserted into the furnace, it should be ensured that it does not touch the workpiece.

4. Determine the reasonable process range according to the drawing requirements of the workpiece. Raise the temperature on time to ensure the operation of the furnace. Check the temperature of the instrument and calibrate it frequently to prevent misoperation.

5. In order to ensure the furnace temperature, the door of the box-type resistance furnace cannot be opened casually, and the situation in the furnace should be observed from the hole of the furnace door.

6. The coolant should be placed in a convenient location nearby to reduce the cooling of the workpiece after it is out of the furnace.

7. The working position should be correct when the furnace is out, and the clamping should be stable to prevent the hot workpiece from harming the human body.

8.After the box-type resistance furnace is overhauled, it must be baked in accordance with the regulations, and check whether the furnace hall and the top insulation powder are filled, and whether the grounding is fastened to the furnace shell.