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Precautions for maintenance of trolley furnace

Precautions for maintenance of trolley furnace

What should be paid attention to when repairing the trolley furnace? If you still don’t understand, let’s take a look at it this time.

1. Workpieces with corrosive, volatile and explosive gases are strictly prohibited from entering the trolley furnace for processing, so as not to affect the service life of heating elements and refractory materials and cause explosions and other accidents.

2. The workpiece with too much oxide scale needs to be removed before entering the furnace, and it can be brushed off with a wire brush.

3. The trolley furnace must not run over temperature, otherwise the service life of the equipment will be shortened.

4. Brutal operation is strictly prohibited, and the workpiece should be handled with care to avoid impact.

5. The workpieces are evenly stacked, and the distance from the heating element should be about 100-150mm.

6. When loading and unloading workpieces on the trolley furnace, the heating element power supply must be cut off first to ensure the safety of the operators.

7. The operator shall not leave the post without authorization when the trolley furnace is in use, and must pay attention to whether the working condition of the electric furnace is normal at any time.

8. If the resistance wire of the trolley furnace is used, it must not be collided or bent to avoid breaking.