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Aluminum alloy heating furnace

Aluminum alloy heating furnace

The working process of the mechanical system of the aluminum alloy heating furnace:

The mechanical action of the whole set of aluminum alloy heating furnace adopts PLC timing control, only need to manually place the workpiece on the storage rack, and the other actions are automatically completed by the system under the PLC control.

Storage platform→lifting conveying and feeding mechanism→cylinder feeding system→induction heating system→infrared temperature measuring device→fast discharging device→extruder or forging machine

Main technical parameters of aluminum alloy heating furnace:

1. Power supply system: KGPS160-800KW/0.2-2.5KHZ.

2. Heating varieties: aluminum alloy, aluminum rod

3. Main purpose: used for hot extrusion and forging of aluminum rods and aluminum alloys.

4. Feeding system: cylinder or hydraulic cylinder to push materials regularly

5. Discharge system: roller conveying system.

6. Energy conversion: heating each ton of aluminum to 450℃~560℃, power consumption 190~230℃.

7. PLC full-automatic intelligent touch screen control system with man-machine interface.