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What are the advantages of fiberglass rods?

What are the advantages of fiberglass rods?

Fiberglass rods have the following advantages:

Light weight, high strength; corrosion resistance; excellent electrical insulation; good machinability; easy installation, maintenance-free; anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet; bright colors and beautiful appearance; good dimensional stability;


Using its “light and strong” and “light and hard” mechanical properties, it is widely used in structural materials such as aerospace, construction engineering, mechanical equipment, military industry, sports and leisure equipment;

Using its characteristics of corrosion resistance, heat resistance, good verticality and high mechanical strength, the product is suitable for the transmission shaft of PCB circuit board printing equipment;

Using its fatigue resistance, it is applied to the blades of helicopters; using its vibration attenuation, it is applied to audio equipment;

Using its high strength, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet and good mechanical properties, it is suitable for tents, building materials, anchor rods, tool handles, mosquito nets, light poles, guardrails, ball bags, luggage, curtains, advertising display racks, umbrellas, Fitness equipment, arrow sticks, clubs, golf practice nets, flagpoles, switch pins, water sports equipment, etc.;

Using its light weight, high strength and good toughness, the product is suitable for kites, aviation models, flying saucers, bow backs, electric planes and various toys;

Using its dimensional stability, it is used in measuring instruments, mechanical equipment, sports equipment, amusement equipment and related facilities.