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What is the use of the insulating plate on the transformer

What is the use of the insulating plate on the transformer

Transformers are also called transformers, and their effects are primarily applicable to voltage division. Its appearance needs to be covered by an insulating board, so that the normal use of the transformer can be guaranteed. Many friends do not know what effect this design will have. Let us introduce it below.

1, insulation

Insulation board is to insulate itself. The principle circuit diagram of current transformer is similar to that of transformer. The miniature current transformer also works according to the principle of electromagnetic induction. The transformer changes the voltage and the miniature current transformer changes the current. In order to ensure the safe operation of the transformer and avoid short-circuit and failure due to conduction, insulation is necessary.

2, guarantee accuracy

With the development of the times, most of the electricity measurement has reached digitalization. The secondary current of the miniature current transformer is milliampere level, and it is mainly used as a bridge between the large transformer and the sampling. The motor insulation paper on the transformer has the characteristics of thickness tolerance specifications, which can add wings to the accuracy of the numbers.

3, anti-static

We are all familiar with static electricity, especially in the winter when the air is boring. According to data, static electricity can increase the estrogen of pregnant mothers and cause certain damage to people’s hearts. However, the use of anti-static composite insulating plates in the framework of the transformer can avoid the occurrence of this situation.

After reading the above introduction, we should be able to clearly understand the effect of the insulating plate on the transformer. Not only can it have an insulating effect, but it can also ensure the accuracy of the machine and anti-static, which improves the safety of our use of the machine, so the insulating plate It is still very necessary to make the use of the machine more reasonable.