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What are the characteristics of epoxy board?

What are the characteristics of epoxy board?

Epoxy board is a product that may also be used in decoration at present. It is also often used in current decoration. But is epoxy board resistant to high temperature? As more and more people use epoxy board, people will also consider epoxy board I am very curious about the characteristics of the board. I want to know more about the epoxy board. Then, what are the characteristics of the epoxy board?

1. Epoxy board, we must not be familiar with this kind of insulating material. We all know that it has good insulation, good machinability, high temperature resistance and so on. But we may be relatively unfamiliar with the processing technology of epoxy board.

2. Good mechanical function. Under different environments, such as different media, temperature, humidity, etc., various external loads that can be accepted, such as stretching, bending, impact, and alternation, can exhibit stable functions.

3. Strong adaptability. Epoxy board can adapt to the requirements of various methods, and its scale can range from very low viscosity to high melting point solids.

4. The curing temperature scale is relatively wide. Its temperature scale can be cured within the range of 0-180 degrees. It is convenient for people to build daily.

5. Low shortening. No moisture or other volatile substances are released during processing. The shortening rate shown in the whole curing process is very low, generally less than 2%.

6. Strong adhesion. Because the molecule contains very strong hydroxyl and ether bonds, the substance has good adhesion. Moreover, the internal stress between the molecules is small, and naturally its adhesion strength is very strong.

7. Epoxy board has a high temperature resistance function, and the current high temperature resistance value is as high as 160 degrees. It is fully suitable for the needs of some good electronic and electrical products.