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Series inverter induction melting furnace is the leading product in the future

Series inverter induction melting furnace is the leading product in the future

The series inverter induction melting furnace is very popular in the induction heating market due to its good technical indicators and energy-saving effects. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, the series inverter induction melting furnace has long occupied a dominant position. In China, because this type of furnace is not recognized by most manufacturers, parallel induction melting furnaces still occupy a large market share. However, as our concept of environmental protection and energy saving is deepening, soon after, SCR series resonance induction melting The furnace will be well-known by various manufacturers and become the leading product in the induction melting furnace industry.

1. The series dual-supply intermediate frequency power source adopts fully-controlled rectification, but the furnace power is not adjusted by adjusting the voltage of the rectifier. The rectifier will be completely open when it is working, so the power factor of the furnace is higher and the harmonics generated The content is within the national standards. In the event of a furnace fault alarm, the fully-controlled rectifier is equivalent to a solid-state switch, which can quickly cut off the main circuit and protect the power supply most effectively.

2. Share a set of rectifier transformer to realize the simultaneous operation of two induction melting furnace bodies; one for smelting and one for heat preservation; the power between the two furnace bodies can be arbitrarily distributed, the temperature is easy to control, and the temperature control accuracy is high. Convenient operation and low failure rate.

3. With good starting characteristics, it can be started at will under full load and heavy load, and the starting success rate reaches 100%.

4. Because the series induction melting furnace is a voltage feedback circuit, the furnace power factor is higher than that of the parallel resonance furnace. Regardless of the output power, the furnace power factor is always maintained at about 0.96.

5. The main circuit adopts copper bar connection, because the copper bar connection is adopted, the contact area of ​​the connection is large, the impedance is small, and the heat is less. The copper bar should be treated with anti-oxidation and insulation treatment.

6. The layout of the furnace is reasonable, the production process is meticulous, the wiring is neat, the line number is clearly marked, and the maintenance and replacement of parts are convenient.