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Analysis of several points for attention in the use of chillers

Analysis of several points for attention in the use of chillers

First of all, pay attention to the switch machine.

Normally, when the ice water machine is turned on, it must first turn on the water pump and other components, and then turn on the compressor, and when it is turned off, the compressor should be turned off first, and then other components should be turned off. But unfortunately, many enterprise personnel who are responsible for the management, operation and maintenance of the ice water machine do not know this basic and simple truth, which causes various failures of the ice water machine, and even reduces the service life of the ice water machine.

Secondly, pay attention to cooling water system and air cooling system.

Whether it is a water-cooled system or an air-cooled system, regular maintenance should be performed. Water-cooling should pay more attention to the water quality, whether the cooling water pipeline is smooth, whether the cooling water volume is sufficient, whether the cooling effect of the cooling tower is normal, etc., while the air-cooling should mainly focus on The cooling effect of the fan system, if there is any poor heat dissipation or failure, it should be dealt with in time to avoid affecting the cooling effect of the entire ice water machine due to the problem of the cooling system.

In addition, it should be noted that for the water cooling system, its complexity exceeds that of the air cooling system, so the water cooling system needs special attention – the ice water machine running with multiple units, pay attention to the problem of water channeling, in addition, the cooling water causes If there is a problem of scaling of the condenser, special treatment is also required, and the scale can be removed by using a clean liquid agent or other descaling methods.

Furthermore, the pressure and temperature of the chiller should be observed.

The pressure and temperature of the ice water machine do not only exist on the compressor. The condenser and evaporator have corresponding pressure and temperature observation requirements, which is of great significance to the ice water machine.