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What are the precautions for using Fiberglass Laminated Sheet

What are the precautions for using Fiberglass Laminated Sheet



1. It has good arc resistance and anti-leakage traces.

Because the insulating board works outdoors, it is directly affected by atmospheric conditions, and it is also polluted by oil fume, water vapor and coal powder on the mixed traction railway line. The surface is easy to adhere to dust particles, resulting in insulation leakage. The arc even carbonizes the surface of the insulating board, and the carbon marks are distributed in irregular dendrites on the surface of the insulating board to damage the insulation.

Therefore, it is required that the insulating board must be manufactured with strict process requirements to ensure the surface finish, so that it is not easy to adhere to dirt, and has good arc resistance.

The samples should be tested for resistance to leakage traces and arc resistance before using the insulating board, and can be used after reaching the IA2.5 level and the requirements of the arc resistance standard.

2. Work under the state of surface discharge to improve electrical service life.

The insulating plate is used as the insulating medium between the contact net and the ground. The contact wire may contact the insulating plate and cause surface discharge.