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How to charge the induction melting furnace?

How to charge the induction melting furnace?

(1) Before loading, carefully confirm the product names and categories of alloys, high-alloy return materials, and scrap ingots to avoid loading errors. According to the requirements of the production organization and variety plan, quantitatively load and record.

(2) The alloy, high-alloy return material, and scrap steel ingots loaded into the furnace must not be mixed with other sundries, and must not be damp, mud, rain, etc.

(3) It is strictly forbidden to put the airtight container into the furnace.

(4) When melting the alloy, if the product name and block size of the alloy are different, the alloy with higher melting point, such as ferromolybdenum, ferro tungsten, etc., should be placed in the middle when charging, and the alloy with lower melting point should be placed on the bottom or upper part. ; For Cr alloy, put the smaller block on the bottom or middle, and the big block on the upper part.

(5) Melting chromium alloy. When the molten steel level is 500mm from the edge of the furnace mouth, in principle, no chromium alloy or other high melting point alloys (such as: ferromolybdenum, ferro tungsten, etc.) are added. If the smelting product needs it, it should be added in batches when adding, and each batch should not exceed 200kg. Before each batch is added, it must be ensured that all the alloys in the furnace have been melted before the addition can be continued.

(6) When loading the steel ingot, it is required to fill the gap between the steel ingot and the furnace wall with small pieces in order to speed up the melting speed and increase the electromagnetic utilization rate.

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