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Features and application fields of mica gaskets

Features and application fields of mica gaskets

Mica gaskets have high dielectric strength and high resistance, low dielectric loss, arc resistance, corona resistance and other excellent dielectric properties, hard texture, high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance and rapid temperature changes, acid resistance, Alkali resistance, chemical stability, and good heat resistance, non-combustibility and corrosion resistance.

Mica gaskets are made of mica sheets. Before understanding mica gaskets, you must first know what mica sheets are! Natural mica flakes are divided into natural mica and synthetic synthetic mica, which are also called synthetic fluorophlogopite flakes. Natural mica flakes are made by stripping, thicknessing, cutting, drilling or punching thick flakes of mica. Man-made synthetic mica flakes are made of chemical raw materials by high temperature melting (1500℃), cooling and crystallization. Many properties are better than natural mica, such as temperature resistance up to 1200℃, under high temperature conditions, the volume resistance of synthetic fluorphlogopite The rate is 1000 times higher than that of natural mica. It has good electrical insulation, very low vacuum outgassing at high temperature, and has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, transparency, separability and elasticity. An important non-metallic insulating material for technology. It is the future development direction. Products with small specifications and high requirements, such as fluorophlogopite mica sheets for high-pressure boiler water level gauges, fluorophlogopite mica observation windows for infrared monitoring systems, and fluorophlogopite mica substrates for atomic force microscopes, have been applied.


Those who are familiar with mica gaskets must know that among its several characteristics, the more important ones are high temperature resistance and insulation. Its main purpose is reflected in these two points. Once something happens, the heating wire will burn out a big hole in the mica layer and heat it until the heating wire is completely blown. If there is no mica gasket, it will ignite flammable materials such as wooden floors and carpets, causing fires and endangering personal safety.


In extreme conditions, if the voltage is not used normally, the mica products will be personally disconnected and the power will be reduced, or the hot parts will self-destruct and no longer generate heat, which will not cause fire and other risks. Nowadays, mica is used more and more widely. Household appliances include electric irons, hair dryers, toasters, coffee makers, microwave ovens, electric heaters, etc. In the metallurgical industry, there are industrial frequency furnaces, intermediate frequency furnaces, electric arc furnaces, injection molding machines, etc. . Therefore, we see that the market applications of mica gaskets are still very extensive.