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What are the advantages of glass fiber rods in induction heating furnaces?

What are the advantages of glass fiber rods in induction heating furnaces?

1. Good elasticity: good elasticity, not broken when bending.

2. Insulation and non-conductivity: It has good electrical insulation, no electromagnetism and sparks, and can be used in equipment areas with electrical hazards and magnetic sensitivity, as well as in flammable and explosive places.

3. Safety: FRP profiles will not generate sparks due to collision during installation and use, and are especially suitable for flammable and explosive environments. In addition, profiles with a non-slip surface prevent slippage, reduce accidents, and are easy to install and maintenance-free.

4. The glass fiber rod of induction heating furnace has bright color and beautiful appearance: glass fiber is made by mixing color paste into all resins. It’s bright in color and doesn’t fade easily. No paint is required and it has a self-cleaning effect.

5. Impact resistance and fatigue resistance of glass fiber rods in induction heating furnace: high impact strength, can be repeatedly bent without permanent deformation.

6. The glass fiber rod of the induction heating furnace is resistant to high temperature and flame retardant: the thermal expansion coefficient is much lower than that of ordinary plastics. Excellent mechanical properties at low temperature. It doesn’t melt in high heat. The high temperature range is -50oC-180oC.

7. Good designability and machinability: suitable resin matrix and reinforcing materials can be selected for production according to customer requirements and use environment; good machinability, cutting, drilling, turning and grinding are possible.