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How to improve the cooling capacity of the refrigerator

How to improve the cooling capacity of the refrigerator

First of all, enhancing the compressor power or enhancing the working efficiency of the compressor under fixed compression power through various methods, reducing the possibility of compressor overload or high-load operation, various methods can improve the cooling effect of the chiller. Of course, this is a method to improve the effect of the chiller from the face of the compressor. The enhancement of the cooling capacity is not only the only method.

Secondly, the replacement of wearing parts and the regular or timely replacement of wearing parts can keep the chiller in a very good cooling state at all times, thereby greatly improving the cooling effect!

Furthermore, whether there is a problem with the lubrication system is also a great factor that determines the cooling capacity of the chiller—the lubricating oil system should operate normally, and ensure sufficient oil volume, oil injection, filtration, recovery, etc., in order to ensure lubrication. On the premise that the oil system can work normally, the cooling capacity of the chiller can be enhanced, and even has an unimaginable effect.

Secondly, whether the amount of refrigerant is normal can also determine the cooling capacity of the chiller to a large extent, that is to say, the appropriate amount of refrigerant can make the cooling capacity of the chiller very high!

Finally, let’s talk about cooling water. Cooling water belongs to a refrigeration medium of water-cooled chillers. Unlike refrigerants, cooling water only exists in water-cooled chillers.

The influence of cooling water on the refrigeration performance of the refrigerator is that the quality of the cooling water, including water quality and other aspects, can determine the cooling effect of the refrigerator. Enterprises should ensure that the water quality of the water-cooled chiller meets the requirements!