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Is high frequency quenching equipment harmful to the human body?

Is high frequency quenching equipment harmful to the human body?

Today, when I was searching for information about induction hardening equipment, I found that someone was asking whether induction heating equipment such as induction hardening equipment is harmful to the human body? To be honest, in the era of increasingly abundant technology and electronics, we are all around us. There are all kinds of radiation, such as mobile phone radiation, computer radiation and so on. So will it be harmful to operate the high-frequency quenching equipment for a long time? In response to this question, I specifically consulted our technical staff, and quickly got a detailed answer.

If you simply talk about high-frequency hardening equipment, it may be a bit abstract, then we can compare high-frequency hardening equipment with home induction cookers. Their heating frequency and working principle are the same. Nowadays, induction cookers are commonly used in every household, and their safety is beyond doubt.

Radiation attention is divided into electromagnetic radiation and nuclear radiation. Nuclear radiation is the serious leakage of nuclear radiation in Japan, which does not occur in ordinary life. In addition, electromagnetic radiation can be seen everywhere in life. Usually we call 20-35K as low frequency; those with a frequency above 30M are called high frequency. Generally, the radiation frequency that can cause harm to the human body should be at the GHZ level. In summary, the radiation caused by our high-frequency quenching equipment is not enough to cause harm to the human body.

Like the high-frequency quenching equipment commonly used in our industry in the production work, the radiation produced by it is actually very low, less than one-fifth of the mobile phone, and will not cause harm to the human body. It means that the mobile phone party plays with mobile phones continuously for 24 hours, and after a long period of time, it will damage the eyesight. Therefore, for the sake of our health, use mobile phones reasonably. When using induction hardening equipment, pay attention to the protection work.