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How much is the heating equipment for hot rolled rebar?

 How much is the heating equipment for hot rolled rebar?

At present, the commonly used induction heating equipment in the industry is equipped with steel bar heating furnace, continuous casting and rolling billet heating furnace, steel pipe heating equipment, aluminum rod heating furnace, steel plate heating luxury ratio, billet heating furnace, rebar hot rolling heating equipment, etc.

Judging from the manufacturer’s sales records, the sales volume of hot-rolled rebar heating equipment has been good in the past year, and the user’s demand for induction heating equipment is still very high. So what is the price of hot-rolled rebar heating equipment? Learn more and see below:

1. The production operation is simple, the cutting precision is high, and the degree of automation is high, and online production can be realized;

2. The hot-rolled rebar heating equipment adopts high-precision components from well-known domestic brands, and the electronic control system adopts international brands such as Siemens and Schneider. The equipment has stable performance and reliable production;

3. The heating speed is fast and the heating is even.

4. It meets the requirements of environmental protection, has low noise, and also reduces the labor intensity of workers.