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How to choose a melting furnace?

How to choose a melting furnace?

A. Power parameters of melting furnace

The standard output power series of melting furnaces are: 50KW, 100KW, 160KW, 250KW, 350KW, 500KW, 750KW, 1000KW, 1250KW, 1500KW, 2000KW, 2500KW, 3000KW, 40000KW, 5000KW, 6000KW, 8000KW, 1000KW

B. The corresponding relationship between the power supply of the melting furnace and the furnace body

5Kg—-30KW 10Kg—-50KW 15Kg—-100KW 25Kg—-100KW

50Kg—-100KW 100Kg—-100KW 150Kg—-160KW 250Kg—-160KW, 300Kg—-250KW 500Kg —-350KW 750Kg—-400KW 1000Kg—750KW, 1500Kg –1000KW 2000Kg—1500KW 2500Kg—2000KW 3000Kg—2500KW、4000Kg–3000KW 5000Kg—4000KW 8000Kg—5000KW 10000Kg—6000KW

C. Use of smelting furnace: It is mainly used for smelting ferrous materials such as steel, alloy steel, iron and other precious metal materials and rare metals such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, gold and silver.

D. Features of melting furnace:

1. Fast melting speed, high efficiency and energy saving, low burning loss

2. Compact structure, simple operation, reliable operation and high overload capacity

3. Less investment, simple and stable process.

E. Energy saving of melting furnace

Due to the fast melting speed and high thermal efficiency of the smelting furnace, the unit yield is increased, and generally there is no cut-off condition, and they all work at the highest DC output voltage (rectified a=0), so the input power factor of this equipment is high, up to 0.94, so there are obvious economic benefits, the average output power can be increased by 10-20%, the smelting cycle is reduced to 2/3 of the original, the unit yield is increased by 1.5 times, and the electricity saving is about 10% or more.