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What are the characteristics of box type resistance furnace

What are the characteristics of box type resistance furnace

The box-type resistance furnace has become an indispensable instrument in the entire industrial equipment. Relatively speaking, it is a little very fast and has very little loss. The temperature in the entire furnace is uniform, and it can be used in any laboratory and Large industrial and mining enterprises are used as a specific use of equipment, and the use also has many characteristics of its own.

The box-type resistance furnace itself is a ceramic fiber furnace, which has many permissions for the same insulation layer, and the fire resistance here is particularly superior, with heat insulation performance, all these things can wrap them up, which can effectively reduce Heat loss, they can also play a role in energy saving.

The heating software of the entire box-type resistance furnace is made of some relatively high-quality materials, which are hung vertically on both sides, and are processed by special molds to ensure that other places will not be damaged during processing. In addition, the structure also makes them very convenient in the process of installation, especially easy to maintain. The whole shell is absolutely impossible to form a short circuit, which will cause the phenomenon of local overheating of the whole shell. In this way, it is ensured that the fiber surface cannot be Direct contact with some other substances, thereby increasing the heating effect of the entire fiber cotton.

In addition, the entire box-type electric furnace can also be equipped with some effective temperature control instruments, choose to configure a color touch system, and some touch systems are powerful, easy to operate, and convenient to move. They can be remotely controlled according to each user’s configuration and computer. At the same time, they can fully control their desktops and laptops.