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How to add antifreeze to ensure the smooth operation of the freezer?

How to add antifreeze to ensure the smooth operation of the freezer?

1. It takes time to raise.

Not any time the ambient temperature is cold or hot, antifreeze coolant needs to be topped up. Antifreeze coolant is a chemical agent. When the refrigerator is running normally, experienced refrigerator maintenance personnel will choose not to add it if they can, let alone refill it at any time, frequently or blindly.

The reason why it takes time to refill is because the antifreeze coolant, as a chemical agent, has a certain corrosive effect on the pipeline of the refrigerator system, not only the pipeline, when the antifreeze coolant flows into the condenser, compressor, valve, etc. with the refrigerant Everywhere, not only will the pipeline be corroded to a certain extent, but it is also a test for the parts of the refrigerator that flow through. After all, the refrigerator system has certain sealing characteristics, and the antifreeze coolant may corrode the sealing material. In addition, the refrigerator When the compressor is compressing the refrigerant, it may also reduce the compression effect of the refrigerant because the refrigerant contains antifreeze coolant, or increase the compressor load and reduce the cooling efficiency.

2. The concentration of antifreeze coolant is also appropriate.

The reason why antifreeze coolant cannot be added blindly is because it has certain “side effects”, and by adjusting the concentration, it can reduce the damage of antifreeze coolant to the system as much as possible while ensuring a certain antifreeze cooling effect.

The way to achieve this is to dilute the antifreeze coolant at an appropriate concentration.