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Special technical installations on quenching plants

Special technical installations on quenching plants

1. The induction coil that can be installed and disassembled by itself can be replaced more simply and conveniently. At the same time, the device can greatly reduce the sensitization and deformation of parts through a very fast heating speed.

2. By replacing dangerous gases such as gas, no open fire can be generated during heating, which is very in line with the relevant national fire safety requirements.

3. The quenching equipment can provide continuous heating for more than several hours and use the maximum power continuously.

4. The quenching equipment can effectively control constant power and constant current, which can provide efficient and fast heating operation.

5. The quenching machine tool generally adopts a digital integrated control system, so it can provide very fast various quick protection actions.

6. The IGBT applied on the inverter is suitable for permanent devices. As an important component of the inverter, it can provide a very low failure rate of the whole machine, and the continuous use time is very long.