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Characteristics of copper ingot induction heating furnace

Characteristics of copper ingot induction heating furnace:

★ The operation panel adopts a color LCD display, a large touch screen, a high-definition operation screen, and the operation safety protection system can be operated with peace of mind even for the first time users.

★High heating temperature: It depends on the material of the workpiece to be heated and the length of heating time. It can reach any temperature and can heat any metal;

★High efficiency and energy saving: The energy conversion rate is higher than 85%, which is twice that of the old-fashioned intermediate frequency induction heating equipment;

★ Automatic control: The power and time of the heating and heat preservation process can be adjusted, which is beneficial to improve the thermal quality and heating repeatability, and it can also work continuously for 24 hours;

★ High reliability: This machine has a complete protection circuit. When any of the power supply voltage, water pressure, water temperature, load current and other parameters fail to meet the requirements, the machine will automatically stop working;

★ Easy to install: just connect the power and water;

★ The copper ingot induction heating furnace is small in size, safe and convenient to operate.