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How to keep epoxy materials on the construction site

How to keep epoxy materials on the construction site

Epoxy floor paint materials should be properly stored in the warehouse of the manufacturer or transported to the construction site. The materials should not be exposed to the sun, and should not be placed in places near or with fire. Because epoxy materials are inflammable and explosive materials, the storage conditions of the materials must be strictly observed at the storage and placement points to prevent fire and explosion accidents caused by various problems.

When transporting the epoxy floor paint material to the construction site, pay attention. If it is a large-scale use of special containers or packaging boxes, to prevent the mixing of any kind of fire, and to keep the temperature not too high 15 ~ 25 ℃, not to be mixed with other chemicals, etc. Mixed goods. When arriving at the destination, it should not be directly outside in the open air. It should be covered with tarpaulins, and should not be exposed to the sun and rain. Once the packaging is damaged, the packaging should be replaced in time, but on-site welding is prohibited.

Storage conditions of epoxy floor paint:

1. Keep it dry, cool and ventilated to prevent sun exposure and near fire sources.

2. The temperature of the storage area should generally be maintained at 15 to 25 °C, with a humidity of 50% to 75%, and regular ventilation.

3. The floor of the warehouse is generally cement or stone floor. Cement or wooden cross bars should be placed on the ground, and the bucket should be empty to prevent the bottom of the bucket from being damp and rusted and perforated. It is best to stack the floor paint buckets no more than three layers.

4. The epoxy floor paint must have a special batching room or an outdoor construction site, and cannot be batched in the warehouse. There should be no fire source near the batching room, and certain fire-fighting equipment should be equipped. Excessive storage of inflammable and explosive materials shall not be allowed in the ingredient room, and it shall be cleaned frequently to keep it tidy. Do not place flammable floor paint or thinner in places where people often move and operate.