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Detailed introduction of cost-effective steel rod heating furnace

Detailed introduction of cost-effective steel rod heating furnace

1. The composition of the steel rod heating furnace:

The steel rod intermediate frequency heating furnace is composed of an intermediate frequency power supply, an inductor, a controller, an inductor furnace rack, a cooling system, a cylinder pushing system, an automatic feeding system, a temperature measuring and sorting system, a conveying system, a discharging system, and a control system, etc. composition.

2. Features of steel rod heating furnace:

(1) The heating cycle can be designed according to the productivity. The heating speed is designed according to the heating power, heating temperature and the weight of the heated workpiece. The heating speed can be as fast as 3 seconds and can be adjusted arbitrarily.

(2) An electromagnetic induction heating device that can work continuously for 24 hours and uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to quickly induce a large eddy current inside the metal material in an alternating magnetic field, so that the metal material is heated until it melts. It can also be worn Permeate non-metallic materials, and quickly heat up part or all of metallic materials.

(3) There are few problems. If there is a problem, 90% is caused by insufficient water pressure or water flow. It is recommended to use an internal circulating water system, which is a closed cooling tower, to cool the intermediate frequency heating furnace. This can greatly improve the stability of the power supply, and is economical and cost-effective.

(4) The heating range of the intermediate frequency heating furnace is very wide, and it can have various forms of heating methods, and can heat all kinds of workpieces (replaceable detachable induction coils according to the shape of the workpiece), such as end heating, overall heating, Steel plate heating, etc.

(5). It belongs to direct heating, because the internal heating of the metal is different from heating, and there is no heat loss of radiant conduction heating, so it consumes less electricity, less heat loss, less than friction, and energy consumption is 20%-30% less than other similar products. %, reducing production costs.

(6) It is safe and reliable, with over-voltage, over-current, over-heat, water shortage and other alarm indications, and automatic control and protection. No high pressure, safe operation for workers.

The steel rod induction heating furnace is currently referred to as the steel rod intermediate frequency heating furnace. The specific content of the steel rod heating furnace can be seen from the above. Hebei Songdao Technology is a professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment, induction heat treatment equipment, and quenched and tempered heat treatment furnace, which tailors suitable induction heating equipment according to the actual process requirements of users.