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Development status of epoxy anti-static floor paint

Development status of epoxy anti-static floor paint

Epoxy anti-static floor paint is a special type of floor paint. It has good anti-static properties and is a good choice for floor decoration in various places. Some places have certain requirements for the anti-static performance of the ground. The emergence of anti-static floor paint provides a better choice for these places. Epoxy anti-static floor paint has been in my country for many years. After a long period of development, it has been gradually recognized by consumers. At present, the development status of epoxy anti-static floor paint in China is relatively optimistic.

1. The market demand and application range are wide. There are many anti-static coatings manufacturers in China. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 700 manufacturers, among which there are nearly 100 manufacturers specializing in the production of anti-static coatings, but the scale is not large. There are only dozens of them with more than 1,000 tons. These production enterprises are mainly concentrated in my country’s coastal provinces and cities and the central and southern regions. Due to the differences in natural environment and development characteristics of various provinces and cities, the varieties and uses of anti-static coatings are also different. At present, my country’s antistatic coatings are mainly used in the chemical and petroleum industries, railways, highways and bridges, metallurgical industries, power and energy industries, machinery and textile industries, industrial products, automobiles, ships and container industries. Among them, the industries with the largest demand are the chemical and petroleum industries, which include steel structures and reinforced concrete structures for oilfield facilities, oil pipelines, offshore platforms, petrochemical plants; in addition, industrial products and marine fields such as automobiles and ships are also antistatic coatings. The biggest demand point of the market.

2. Environmentally friendly anti-static coatings have attracted much attention At present, China’s anti-static coatings are advancing in the direction of high performance, high efficiency, low energy consumption and low pollution, and some water-based anti-static coatings manufacturers use low-polluting raw materials for Production, anti-static coating companies have eliminated all kinds of prohibited coating raw materials, and replaced them with more environmentally friendly raw materials, in order to achieve the purpose of energy saving, emission reduction and environmental friendliness.

It is believed that in the next few years, marine coatings, oil platforms, container coatings, chemical anti-static coatings, and urban infrastructure coatings will still be hot spots in the market. Domestic anti-static coating companies should continue to strengthen their professional level and provide high-quality products and perfect products. service, so as to make greater efforts and contributions to China’s anti-corrosion market.

  1. Products are developing towards diversification. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 1,000 varieties of anti-static coatings in China. Traditionally, they are classified by resin as epoxy, epoxy asphalt, asphalt, chlorinated rubber, chlorosulfonated polyethylene, and polyvinyl chloride. , perchloroethylene, urushiol resin, ethyl silicate, high chlorinated polyethylene, polyurethane, polyurethane asphalt, phenolic, alkyd paint, etc. In recent years, there have also been many anti-static coatings with modified resin varieties with excellent performance, such as alkyd resin modified polysulfide rubber modified epoxy waterproof anti-static coatings, etc., and anti-corrosion coatings with my country’s own characteristics, such as Urushiol titanium, urushiol epoxy, urushiol silicon heavy antistatic coatings, etc. Since the 1990s, a new generation of anti-static coating systems has gradually occupied the mainstream of market research and application. Environmentally friendly anti-static coatings such as water-based epoxy and water-based acrylic coatings have come out one after another, enriching the types of anti-static coatings and gradually becoming more and more popular. Multifunctional development.