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How to prevent refractory bricks from being damaged during handling?

How to prevent refractory bricks from being damaged during handling?

As a widely used industrial product, refractory bricks generally require long-distance transportation from the factory to use. Therefore, refractory bricks are often moved around. How to prevent refractory bricks from being damaged during handling? Hope this article can help Everyone!

Refractory bricks are generally packaged in wooden pallets, and must be operated strictly in accordance with the specifications during the handling process.

take it lightly

The process of transporting refractory bricks should be handled with care. If it is necessary to transport the refractory bricks, use a paper-skinned trolley to load the truck. It is strictly forbidden to damage the corners of the squeezed refractory bricks;

unpack carefully

In the process of unpacking, the iron sheet surrounding the refractory bricks should be cut with scissors, and steel brazing can not be used to prevent the refractory bricks from being crushed and damaged;

cannot be stacked in the open air

Refractory bricks cannot be stacked in the open air. If they need to be stacked in the open air, they must be covered with colored cloth to prevent it from raining and getting wet;

Forklift loading and unloading

In the process of forklifting the refractory bricks, the forklift should balance the refractory bricks to prevent rollover and damage the refractory bricks;


paper leather cut brick

When transporting refractory bricks into the kiln, the carcass of the kiln should be cut with paper; it is not allowed to stack refractory bricks on the already built kiln refractory bricks.

Precautions for the transportation of refractory bricks:

Refractory bricks must be packed before shipping.

During transportation, check that the refractory bricks are not damaged and have been bundled intact.

The means of transportation shall be equipped with rain-proof and moisture-proof facilities.

Bulk products should be transported in containers.

The stacking of refractory bricks should ensure the quality, stability, and facilitate the counting, handling and lifting operations.

Refractory bricks should be stacked separately according to material, brand, grade and brick number.