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How should we operate safely after purchasing a water-cooled chiller?

How should we operate safely after purchasing a water-cooled chiller?

1. Ensure that the water-cooled chiller is installed on a stable foundation, smoothly ventilated, and avoid wind and sun.

2. Grasp the working principle, structure and actual operating conditions of the chiller and piping system, and check whether each operating parameter is within the specified range, and make a record of the operation to facilitate future maintenance and inquiries.

3. When turning on the water-cooled chiller, check whether the power supply is working normally. The voltage of the host controller should not be higher than the normal voltage by 10% to avoid damage to the circuit board. The motor current should be within a reasonable range (40%-100%). ).

4. Turn on the cooling water solenoid valve, the chilled water solenoid valve and the water inlet and outlet solenoid valves of the cooling water tower to start the chiller in turn in the order of starting. After confirming that the valves are open, turn on the cooling water pump and the chilled water pump, and turn on the cooling water tower fan when the cooling water sleep temperature is greater than 25°C.

5. Observe the chilled water and cooling water inlet/outlet pressure (or pressure difference) and temperature, adjust the manual valve as required, adjust the chilled water outlet/inlet pressure difference and the cooling water outlet/inlet pressure difference to the appropriate range to ensure cold water After the machine is running, the temperature difference between the chilled water and the chilled water inlet/outlet is about 5°C.

6. During the operation of the water-cooled chiller, it is necessary to observe whether the various parameters are in the normal range, and check whether the water level of the stainless steel heat preservation water tank and the cooling tower is normal.

7. If you need to stop the machine and do not use it, you should shut down the host group now, and then manage other auxiliary equipment, such as cooling water tower fans, cooling water pumps, when the chilled water temperature reaches 17℃ or higher, shut down the chilled water pumps, and then close all valves.

8.If the water-cooled chiller fails, please stop and check it first. After finding the cause of the failure and troubleshooting, press the reset button to restart the chiller. If it is a fault that cannot be rectified by yourself, please contact the chiller manufacturer to arrange a professional technician to deal with it.