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How to choose the round steel induction heating furnace manufacturer?

How to choose the round steel induction heating furnace manufacturer?

  1. Look at the manufacturer-a reliable and professional manufacturer is the prerequisite for a good configuration

Round steel induction heating furnace is different from ordinary metal heating equipment and requires the configuration manufacturer to have more mature experience. When choosing an intermediate frequency forging furnace, the focus is on the manufacturer’s strength, after-sales service, reputation, etc. The quotation is only second, so a set of low-quality intermediate frequency forging furnaces, no matter how cheap it is, the user will not buy it. On the basis of ensuring quality, choose more affordable and more affordable equipment

2. Look at the production capacity-it is the good configuration that meets the demand for production capacity

When configuring the round steel induction heating furnace, it is necessary to fully consider the user’s hourly output, workpiece characteristics, discharge specifications and other requirements. Only the configuration that meets its own capacity requirements is a good configuration. It can be equipped with different types of forging presses, rolling mills, shears and other equipment. There are various combinations and different configurations. When configuring, you need to see whether the production capacity can meet the needs of users, and the appropriate ones can generate higher returns.

3. Can provide you with satisfactory configuration and perfect service

The round steel induction heating furnace realizes the integrated operation of feeding, heating, temperature control, and discharging, which is safe and reliable. It adopts an all-steel ship structure and is equipped with a PLC control system. It integrates digital control technology, automatic feeding design, and uses energy-saving motors. , To achieve the excellent performance of the power system, with the characteristics of noise reduction and energy saving. In addition, the whole machine is also equipped with complete environmental protection devices to achieve green environmental protection operations.