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Epoxy pipe manufacturers introduce the performance of insulating laminates

Epoxy pipe manufacturers introduce the performance of insulating laminates

Epoxy pipe manufacturers introduce the performance of insulating laminates:

Insulation laminates are also called laminates. There are many types of insulating laminates, including phenolic cotton cloth laminates, epoxy glass cloth laminates, insulating cardboard, silicone glass cloth laminates, melamine glass cloth laminates, and diphenyl ether. Glass cloth laminates, bismaleimide glass cloth laminates, polyimide glass cloth laminates, graphite glass cloth laminates, high-strength epoxy glass cloth laminates, etc., referred to as insulation boards.

With the development of the electrical industry, high insulation. Laminated plastic products with high strength, high temperature resistance and adaptability to various use environments have appeared one after another. Copper clad laminates for printed circuits have also developed rapidly due to the needs of the electronics industry. my country’s electrical and electronic laminates are gradually developed after liberation. Thermosetting laminates in my country have formed a relatively complete series.

Headquartered in Shanghai, Shanghai Dian Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise. The group consists of instrument division, insulating material division, third-party testing laboratory, overseas division and supply chain division.

Insulation Materials Division (Shanghai Xinrui Insulation Materials Co., Ltd.) – provides one-stop service for all insulation materials for customers in the motor, transformer and other industries. In order to highlight the “one-stop” service concept, the Group has invested in the establishment of a storage and logistics center for insulating materials based on Internet of Things technology in Pudong, Shanghai, to achieve rapid response to customer orders and rapid logistics. All our products are approved by UL in the United States, and have successively obtained the UL system certification of Class F, Class H and Class N.

GPO-3 This product is a rigid plate-like insulating material made of alkali-free glass fiber felt impregnated with unsaturated polyester resin and hot pressed. It has excellent arc resistance and tracking resistance and flame retardancy.

Diphenyl ether glass cloth laminate: It has high mechanical and dielectric properties, heat resistance and radiation resistance. It is suitable for mechanical and electrical use, and is suitable for insulating structural parts in motors and electrical equipment.

Epoxy glass cloth laminate: high mechanical strength at medium temperature, good electrical performance stability at high humidity. Suitable for mechanical, electronic and electrical use. It is suitable for insulating structural parts of machinery, electronics and electrical equipment.