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What is the structure of the muffle furnace

What is the structure of the muffle furnace

The muffle furnace shell disassembly joint is sealed with silicon rubber, and the electric furnace mouth is cooled by water to protect the silicon rubber seal of the furnace mouth. The furnace mouth is equipped with inlet and outlet ports. The air supply system is regulated by flow rate (0.16-1.6m3/h) and pressure monitoring (0.16-1.6kpa). The gas supply source enters the electric furnace through a pressure reducing valve and a gas flow meter. The air inlet is set at the top of the electric furnace, and the exhaust and drainage are set at the bottom of the electric furnace.

muffle furnace lining is made of special-shaped refractory materials, high-quality insulation materials and other masonry. The box-type electric furnace brick is made of corundum mullite, and the insulation layer is made of alumina hollow balls +1500 mullite poly light +1300 mullite poly light +1260 ceramic fiber; the distribution of each layer is optimized by calculation to ensure fire resistance It is also a good choice for energy saving that heat preservation performance has a certain degree of toughness.

The thermocouple adopts B index number and is installed on the top of the furnace. The top plate of the muffle furnace body can be removed for maintenance. The technical requirements of furnace body building shall meet the construction and acceptance specifications of industrial furnace building engineering.

High temperature muffle furnace temperature control instrument adopts Japan Shimadzu intelligent instrument for temperature control, PID automatic adjustment, over-temperature, segment-couple alarm protection function, and temperature compensation function. The furnace temperature is consistent with the temperature displayed by the instrument. 40 segments are programmable. There are voltmeters, ammeters, power air switches, temperature control instruments, etc. on the control cabinet panel, and is equipped with sound and light alarm devices such as over temperature and broken couples.