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What needs to be done for the full combustion of the muffle furnace

What needs to be done for the full combustion of the muffle furnace

The muffle furnace furnace is all made of imported composite Morgan fiber materials and constructed by a unique process. It has strong thermal shock resistance, strong resistance to rapid cooling and heating, good corrosion resistance, no collapse, no crystallization, no slag drop, no pollution, and use Long life The structure has low thermal conductivity, low thermal solubility, excellent chemical stability, thermal stability, thermal shock resistance, excellent tensile strength and corrosion resistance. The high-quality refractory fiber cotton insulation layer wraps the furnace, which reduces heat loss and also greatly saves energy. To make the furnace fully burnt, the following points must be done.

1. To make the muffle furnace reach the economic operation index, it is necessary to solve the problem of complete fuel combustion.

2. A sufficiently high furnace temperature is the primary condition for fuel combustion. The minimum temperature required for the fuel to start a violent oxidation reaction is called the ignition temperature. The heat required to heat the fuel above the ignition temperature is called the heat source. The heat source for the fuel to catch fire in the combustion chamber generally comes from the heat radiation of the flame and the furnace wall and the contact with the high-temperature flue gas. The furnace temperature formed by the heat source must be kept above the ignition temperature of the fuel, that is, the muffle furnace must have a high enough furnace temperature for the fuel to burn continuously, otherwise the fuel will be difficult to ignite, fail to burn, or even fail.

3, the right amount of air

The fuel must be fully contacted and mixed with enough air in the combustion process. When the furnace temperature is high enough, the combustion reaction speed of the muffle furnace is very fast, and the oxygen in the air will be quickly consumed. Sufficient air must be supplied. In actual operation, the air sent into the furnace is excessive, but the air The excess amount should not be too much and should be appropriate to avoid lowering the furnace temperature.

4. Enough combustion space

The combustible substances or fine coal dust volatilized from the fuel are burned as the flue gas flows. If the furnace space (volume) is too small, the flue gas flows too fast, and the flue gas stays in the furnace for too short time. Combustible materials and coal dust are fully burned. Especially when combustibles (combustible gas, oil droplets) touch the heating surface of the boiler before they are completely burned, the combustibles are cooled to below the ignition temperature and cannot burn completely, forming carbon nodules. At the same time, ensuring sufficient combustion space of the muffle furnace is conducive to the full contact and mixing of air and combustibles, so that the combustibles can be fully burned.