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2021 new aluminum rod forging furnace

2021 new aluminum rod forging furnace

Composition of aluminum bar forging furnace:

1. Medium frequency induction heating power supply, workbench, induction coil, feeding mechanism, infrared thermometer, etc.;

2. Ultra-small size, movable, occupying only 0.6 square meters, it is convenient to use with any equipment, installation, debugging and operation are very convenient, and you will learn it when you learn;

Scope of application

● Suitable for heating copper rods, iron rods, and aluminum rods;

● Continuous heating of round bar material, square material or other bad shape materials;

● The material can be heated as a whole or locally, such as heating at the ends, heating at the middle, etc.;

Device parameters

● Workbench + heating sensor + feeding mechanism + heating power supply + compensation capacitor box;

● According to different application requirements, it may also include infrared thermometers, temperature controllers and devices such as feeding and coiling;

● Can be customized according to your needs.

Equipment advantages

● Ultra-small size, movable, covering an area of ​​only 0.6 square meters.

● It is convenient to use with any forging and rolling equipment and manipulators;

● It is very convenient to install, debug and operate, and you will be able to learn as soon as you learn;

● It can be heated to the required temperature in a very short time, greatly reducing metal oxidation, saving materials and improving forging quality;

● It can work uninterrupted for 24 hours, heating evenly and faster;

●Environmental protection, meeting environmental protection requirements, eliminating the trouble of environmental protection inspection;

● Power saving, compared with the thyristor intermediate frequency, not only is it small in size and easy to maintain, it can also save power by 15-20%.

● It is convenient to replace the furnace body to meet the different requirements of the overall heating of the bar or the heating of the end;