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How to choose the induction coil structure of the induction melting furnace?

How to choose the induction coil structure of the induction melting furnace?

The furnace body needs to be well matched with the intermediate frequency power supply to ensure the rated power output under the rated capacity.

1. Material:

The induction coil adopts a T2 rectangular electrolytic cold-rolled copper tube with a purity of 99.9%. The metal flows in the same direction, and the structure is compact, with the smallest copper loss and the highest electromagnetic conversion efficiency. The influence of the inherent length of the copper pipe should be considered when the induction coil is designed in the waterway and groupings. The welding part of the copper pipe should be combined with the electricity and water diversion parts, so that each group of induction coils is wound by the whole copper pipe. Weld. The wall thickness of the rectangular copper tube of the induction coil is δ≥5 mm.

2. Winding process:

The induction coil is made of 50*30*5 copper tube.

The exterior insulation of the induction coil is wound with mica tape and glass cloth tape, wound twice with a varnish dipping process, and the withstand voltage of the insulation layer is greater than 5000V.

The induction coil is fixed by a series of bolts and insulating support bars welded on the outer circumference. After the coil is fixed, the error of its turn spacing should not be greater than 2mm. All bolts are countersunk in the insulating support bar to improve the insulation strength.

The upper and lower parts of the induction coil are equipped with stainless steel (non-magnetic) water-collecting cooling rings, so that the furnace lining material gradually forms a gradient when it is heated in the axial direction, thereby prolonging the service life of the furnace lining.

A copper tube magnetic collecting ring is arranged on the upper and lower parts of the induction coil.

After the induction coil is wound, it needs to go through a 1.5 times the highest pressure hydraulic pressure test for 20 minutes to ensure that the induction coil has no water seepage phenomenon.

The induction loop wire-in method is side wire-in.

The inductor coil is made of copper tube from Shangyu Copper Tube Factory, the size is 50*30*5, the number of turns is 18, the turn gap is 10mm, and the coil height is 1130mm.