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Method of using medium frequency induction sintering furnace

Method of using medium frequency induction sintering furnace

After the debugging of the intermediate frequency sintering furnace , it is confirmed that the installation is correct and the various protection links are normal . In order to send power to the furnace, it can be put into use.

Use the operation as follows:

a. Start the water supply system pump, open the water valve, and check the water pressure gauge.

b. According to the instructions for the use of the intermediate frequency power supply, start the intermediate frequency power supply and check the working status of the furnace body and other power supply facilities.

c. According to the lining baking requirements, feed the furnace and gradually increase the power, and observe the working state of the furnace body and other energized facilities at any time.

d. The sintering process is completed and baked.

e. The furnace body can not stop water immediately after power failure, and the water can be stopped after the temperature in the furnace drops below 100 degrees.

2. The water supply system is used.

a. The standby pump of the water supply system should be exchanged regularly to avoid rusting if not used for a long time.

b. It is necessary to ensure that the cooling water of each pipeline is unblocked. If a pipeline is found to be blocked, try to clean it up, otherwise the consequences will be serious.

c. It is strictly forbidden to operate the equipment without cooling water.

d. The cooling water temperature is too high. Generally for the following reasons:

1, Induction coil cooling water pipe is blocked by foreign matter, and water flow is reduced. At this time, power is cut off and compressed air is used to remove foreign matter (the power failure time does not exceed 15 minutes).

2, Water scale scale seriously affects flow. A . 1 : 20 is hydrochloric acid washed once. Remove the hose every six months to check the scale. If the scale is clogged, wash it in advance.

e. The sensor hose suddenly leaks. Generally for the following reasons:

3, formed by insulation breakdown of the fixing bracket around the induction coil . In the event of such an accident, immediately power off, strengthen the insulation treatment at the breakdown, and seal the surface of the leak with epoxy resin or other insulating glue. Use the pressure reducer. After the furnace material reaches the specified requirements, remove the material for repair.