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Graphene graphitization furnace application range

Graphene graphitization furnace application range:

Graphene is a new type of material whose theoretical thermal conductivity can be as high as 3000-5000 W/(mK). It is a new type of high thermal conductivity material with wide application. Graphene can be used in antistatic, heat-dissipating plastics, heat-dissipating motor housings, etc. Graphene has a very wide range of uses, not only for functional materials, but also for structural materials. Many research institutions and manufacturers have begun to take single-layer graphene with multiple penetration characteristics as the research object to develop the practical application of a new generation of devices, and its application fields have expanded from the atomic size to the universe. Graphene has a wide range of uses, including transistors, photodetectors, light modulators, solar cells, lithium batteries, and gene sequencing. It is also expected to help physicists make new breakthroughs in quantum physics research. For example, graphene heat-dissipating copper film is coated with graphene layer on the basis of copper film, and its main function is to be used as a heat-dissipating component in high-end electronics, displays and other fields. Among them, graphene can improve the heat dissipation performance of the overall material.