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Those details are easy to overlook when using the muffle furnace?

Those details are easy to overlook when using the muffle furnace?

Through regular return visits to customers, through statistical analysis, we know that many customers often ignore some small details when using ceramic fiber muffle furnaces. Although there is no major impact at the moment, longer time will always affect the life of the muffle furnace. . Here are the details of a few common items, you can compare them to see if you have been shot:

1. When using a muffle furnace to heat the workpiece, no bearing plate is added:

Each muffle furnace is equipped with a setter plate of corresponding size, and all heated workpieces, including the container for the workpiece, should be placed on the setter plate for heating. Try to avoid placing it directly on the ceramic fiberboard at the bottom of the furnace, which may cause uneven local stress on the fiberboard or excessive local temperature, which will damage the bottom of the furnace.

Muffle furnace real shot

2. Want to quickly cool down the muffle furnace, open the furnace door when the temperature is high:

Because the ceramic fiber muffle furnace has a very good heat preservation effect, the energy consumption is very low during heat preservation, and the temperature drop rate is very slow after the power supply is stopped. Some customers hope that the next experiment can be carried out immediately after the completion of one experiment, so the furnace door is opened at high temperature to obtain a high cooling rate, but this will cause great damage to the muffle furnace hearth, and it is easy to cause the hearth when it is cold and hot. Cracking, the heating element can not withstand the impact of such cold and heat. We generally recommend that the muffle furnace is cooled to at least 600°C before opening the furnace door carefully. If you really need high-temperature pick-and-place parts, you should consider whether you can use a silicon carbide furnace.

Three, do not bake the oven when it is used again after a long period of shutdown:

This is also a detail that is easy to overlook, basically all customers can do the oven when the oven is used for the first time. However, there are many customers who forget to use the oven after the machine has been shut down for more than a week. Ceramic fiberboard has a large number of small pores. If it cannot be used for a long time, it may absorb water vapor and other magazines. Therefore, the oven can finally remove the water vapor in the pores as required.