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Traditional verification method of high temperature muffle furnace

Traditional verification method of high temperature muffle furnace

For the calibration of the high temperature muffle furnace, the temperature control thermocouple and the temperature control display instrument were removed and sent for inspection separately in the past, and then put into use after the inspection meets the requirements. This detection method has the following shortcomings:

1. The insertion depth of the temperature control thermocouple is generally not too shallow, about 8-10 times the diameter of the thermocouple protection tube, in order to ensure the accuracy of temperature measurement; but it should not be too deep to avoid interference with the furnace workpiece. Therefore, the insertion position of the instrument control thermocouple is generally at or outside the edge of the effective heating area, which cannot accurately reflect the temperature of the effective heating area where the workpiece is located.

2. The specifications of temperature-control thermocouples used in some resistance furnaces do not meet the standard, are very short in length, do not meet the requirements of the verification regulations, and cannot be verified in the thermocouple verification furnace.

3. Every time the customer removes it for inspection, the production department needs to stop the furnace, which will cause inconvenience to the customer.